Busy week in Inuvik

It has been brought to my attention I have missed a few days posting šŸ˜‰
Between Brad earning us a living and me helping out in the community it has been a busy week.
– last Saturday we woke up to snow then stayed out until 3 a.m.! It turned out to be a beautiful day and felt like 3 p.m.
– Sunday was a catch up day at work for Brad as I headed to church
– Monday I volunteered with the Arctic Paws Vet Clinic from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
– Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday helped out at the Elementary School
– Friday Vet Clinic from 8 – 3 then off to Chase the Ace at the Legion. The pot is now $30000.00! Not sure if I mentioned I won $1337.00 a few weeks ago šŸ™‚
– Today is a beautiful day, already +16, yippee. We will finish planting our garden at the Greenhouse and do some work in our “yard” (pics later). I have a meeting at the Greenhouse to be trained to give tours to tourists and help in the gift store. Then off to help sell bingo & Nevada pull tickets for a Food Bank fundraiser. Then I am sure a beverage will be calling our name.
Have a wonderful Saturday everyone. “Life is Good”


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