Local Restaurant

This restaurant is called “Alestine’s”, it opened mid-summer and will be closing for the season soon. If you sit on the roof you have a view of the Mackenzie River. They serve local fresh caught fish, fish cakes, salmon, home cut fries and coleslaw. Inuvik has a breakfast/lunch café, a concession at the arena, pizza restaurant, ice cream store, restaurant and pub at the hotel, limited KFC or Pizza Hut menu at the Northmart, the Legion has lunch specials (Monday – Friday) and supper specials on Friday. You can also drive 10km to the Airport for breakfast or lunch. Brad says they make a great burger. We have heard the  College and Hospital also have Cafeteria’s. We don’t eat out very often as I have sharpened my cooking skills since moving to Inuvik 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Local Restaurant

  1. Trip Adviser should be made aware of your excellent skills, so many people are learning about life in Inuvik including your sister. Good Job!!!

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