Midnight in Inuvik

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It’s been awhile!

We were on vacation for a few weeks but hope to get back at posting again.

We arrived back to 30C above, ice melting on the river and an extra bonus….fresh fruit and veggies.

We were told the grocery shelves were getting pretty bare but the food flew in on the same flight as us 🙂

We are hoping the Ferries will be running soon and the shelves will be full again!

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End of the Ice Road

The Ice Road to Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk closed Thursday. It won’t be long before the crossings to the south also close.

Time to stock up on a few groceries 🙂

We tried to walk on it but I was too nervous.

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Obviously this person was not nervous at all!

Unique experience in Tuktoyaktuk

Adam and I ventured into the frozen earth, 30 feet below the streets of Tuktoyaktuk.

Brad took one look down, that was enough of an adventure for him!

We entered into a small hut and climbed down a ladder to the Community Freezer.

It is so dark you need to use a headlamp. Good thing for the camera flash!

It’s purpose is to store meat and fish and is frozen year round.

There are various halls and rooms for each family.

To view more on this google Tuktoyaktuk Community Freezer.

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